How design is passing on to consumers

Customization is a trend encouraging some footwear companies to offer new services to clients, in which they can design their own shoes
It’s curious to observe Google’s results when a search for “custom shoes” is made. All the results are related to companies who already offer their customers the opportunity of creating their own design.

Converse, Nike, adidas and Timberland, among many others, all have customization services for their shoppers. But not all services are the same. Some allow customers to choose colors, while others allow them to define even the shape of the shoe.

Most of the customization services are done through an online platform, where consumers have a 3D visualization of the shoes that are being personalized and as well as the changes customers are performing to them.

Curiously, most shoes that are customized are usually much more expensive, which reflects two things:
● They are more expensive to be made;
● The demand for personalized footwear is bigger than the supply.

It might seem hard for footwear companies to adapt and produce personalized footwear, especially for those who focus on producing few models on a large scale. But it’s possible, even if it means having a new production line. As long as it’s profitable, the company will be able to sustain it.

Being able to personalize products is so important for consumers that Bain & Company, a consulting firm, found out that people who buy customized footwear are 50% more loyal to a brand, and purchase more over time.

Choosing and matching colors, designing and including a logo or a drawing. The fact is that customizing footwear is fun and it enhances the shopping experience for consumers and that is the reason why they want it and are willing to pay for it.

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